The Activities in Monteverde that one must not Miss

Monteverde is well known for a reason – its cloud forests are flooding with plants and creatures, its zip lines and suspension bridges are the longest and most elating in the nation, and its espresso is local, delicious and economical.

It is additionally acclaimed for Skyline enterprise or Horse trekking experiences. Every one of these preoccupations and furthermore incalculable different Activities in Monteverde can be savored when you are there. Let us have a look at such activities which you must not while in Monteverde.

The must do activities at Monteverde

As we have a look at the different activities try packing your bags as after you have completed reading you will not be able to resist being at Monteverde and having such activities.

Canopy zip line: Monteverde gloats a portion of the longest, most elevated and scariest zip lines through the timberland tree overhang. In case you’re an adrenaline daredevil, this enterprise is for you. Attempt the Tree Top Canopy Tour at Monteverde and have your adrenal rushed.

Activities in Monteverde


Activities in Monteverde

Night Walk: It’s energizing, and somewhat spooky, to stroll around in the forest during the evening with the greater part of its masked critters. This is the time when night time creatures wake up, chase and do their thing. You’ll experience snakes, creepy crawlies like hole dwelling tarantulas, porcupines, agoutis, opossums, tree frogs and different creatures.

Cloud Forest Biological Reserve: The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is one of Costa Rica’s most celebrated private reserves. Traversing six particular natural zones, the span of 10,500 hectares ensures bounteous watch of untamed life. It is a most loved goal for bird viewing in Costa Rica to see the more than 400 bird species found here. The ideal approach is on a guided tour with a naturalist who has master eyes and learning.

Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Monteverde Orchid Garden: Impeccable, fragile orchids are the biggest and most differing group of blooming plants on Earth, and are abundant in tropical Costa Rica. The Monteverde cloud forest in Costa Rica is said to have the most noteworthy assorted variety of orchids on the planet. You can see near 500 assortments of orchids in the Monteverde Orchid Garden, incorporating the littlest orchid on the planet at a little more than 2 millimeters.

Activities in Monteverde

Monteverde Orchid Garden

Monteverde Orchid Garden

Coffee Tours: Costa Rica is known everywhere throughout the world for its rich espresso. Presently you can get the inside story on how that awesome espresso is created, and enchant your companions back home with cool actualities. Monteverde has many co-operatives that provision espresso experts around the world with the finest espresso.

Activities in Monteverde

Activities in Monteverde

Tour Operators CR is the best if you wish to have such Activities in Monteverde. They have designated tours for each such activity and you can easily be a part of by giving them a call at +1-408-212-0995. Please be at to know more about their affordable tours and activities. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks!



Places in Costa Rica that one must not Miss to Visit

Are you planning your next vacation in Costa Rica? If you are then you must be confused as to where to be due to the incredible biodiversity and the variable climate over there has to offer. It is good to select one or two places first where you can be and then decide on the other places that might interest you. One of the greatest reason for Costa Rica being the chosen place of vacation by many are the affordable Travel Packages to Costa Rica which makes possible to be at various places within a short time frame.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Places that you must be at while in Costa Rica

As Costa Rica has varieties to offer it is best to select places according to your preference. You can easily select such places as you read through. Let us have a look at some of the places.

If you love adventure there are many places where you can be to enjoy and be excited the most. You will have your adrenal rush while you have an adventure and at the same time enjoy the landscape and natural beauty of Costa Rica.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna are the most notable natural features in Costa Rica. Rising above the rain forest that surrounds its base, Arenal frames the skyline with near perfect symmetry. You can have varieties of adventurous activities like whitewater rafting, waterfall rappelling, hiking and canopy tours.

Manuel Antonio gives you a view of the wonderful beaches. You’ll feel stress magically leave your body as you soak up the sun in Manuel Antonio.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

If you want to experience the natural setting and the bohemian vibe then there are lots of places where you can be. Santa Teresa-Mal Pais is one such place which you should not miss. It is a surfer’s paradise and the experience will be amazing in the outstanding swells all through the year. Being at Puerto Viejo you can experience a mix of Afro-Caribbean, Bribri Indian, tico and hippyesque counterculture.

Being in the cloud forests in Costa Rica you can experience the vibrant nature being yourself surrounded by clouds and mists. Monteverde is an ideal hot spot for eco-tourism in Costa Rica. You can find many volcanoes, beautiful national parks and diverse weather to enchant you. San Gerardo De Dota is a heaven for birdwatchers and hikers and if you are such you would love to be there in the quaint settlement.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

If you want to roam amongst off-the beaten-path there are many places where you can be through the affordable Travel Packages to Costa Rica. Places like Uvita, Tortuguero, Cahuita and Tenorio and Miravalles Volcano can be places where you should be at.

If you just want to rest and relax then also Costa Rica has plenty to offer. Tamarindo, Puerto Viejo, Playa Herradura and Playa Del Coco are places which you must not miss.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Tour Operators CR is the best who are specialized in designing, consulting and coordinating trips to Costa Rica. You can easily avail a travel package by giving them a call at +1-408-212-0995. Being at you can know more about their affordable and innovative tour packages.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica:10 Manual Antonio Hotels to Look Out for

While thinking about vacationing in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park strikes our mind more often! The spectacular white-sand beaches, plentiful wildlife, and year-round warm have made Manuel Antonia one of the favorite spots for vacation in Central America.

A Manuel Antonio visit won’t be complete without choosing perfect accommodation. Here are some of the most sumptuous Manuel Antonio hotels you can choose as one of the places to stay in Costa Rica:

  1. Hotel Casitas Eclipse – Located just a mile away from the Pacific Ocean, the Hotel Casitas Eclipse offers a great access to local sightseeing attractions, natural parks, and much more.

The exuberant Mediterranean style hotel is one of the best places to stay in Costa Rica. Situated right next to Manuel Antonio National Park, Hotel Casitas Eclipse enables travelers to enjoy seeing monkeys, iguanas, sloths, exotic bird species, colorful frogs, etc.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Villas Lirio – Blessed with a magnificent mountain setting, Villas Lirio is located within Manuel Antonio National Park. This hotel features an outdoor swimming pool in tropical gardens.

Besides, the Manuel Antonio hotel is just 2 km away from the Biesanz and Espadilla beaches. These beaches are ideal for snorkeling, fishing, surfing, and diving.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Costa Verde – Hotel Costa Verde is nestled between Manuel Antonio National park and the Pacific Ocean. The splendid Ocean vistas will take away your breath for sure! A stay at Costa Verde will offer a tropical wedding, honeymoon, hotel, or adventure experience unlike you’ve imagined before!

Places to Stay in Costa Rica4. Shana Hotel – Embracing the vibrant culture, serene beauty of nature, Pura Vida, and perfection, Shana Hotel assures an exceptional and wonderful travel experience. Complimented by unique design, fresh local cuisine, ecological adventure opportunities, and luxury hotel amenities, the hotel is well-known as one of the most exclusive places to stay in Costa Rica.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

5. The Falls Resort –The Falls Resort is blessed with amazingly beautiful and peaceful garden and waterfall setting, well-accessible to the best restaurants and picturesque beaches in Manuel Antonio.

The Falls Resort offers an amazing opportunity to see white-faced capuchins, sloths, toucans, the mono titi monkeys, blue butterflies, and hummingbirds bustling around the garden.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Hotel San Bada – Hotel San Bada is around 6km away from downtown Quepos and its marine port, 12km from the local airport – La Managua, and about 174km from the international airport at Juan Santa Maria.

You will be able to explore the mountains covered with beautiful foliage and the beaches from the central Pacific at the Hotel San Bada.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Hotel Playa Espadilla – Located just 200 meters away from the entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park, Hotel Playa Espadilla is one of the best places to stay in Costa Rica furnished for your comfort and enjoyment.

The hotel has rooms designed in such a way to meet unique needs of vacationers. You will find three types of rooms like standard, efficient, and junior suite rooms at Hotel Playa Espadilla.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. La Mansion Inn – Based on a mountainside overlooking the rainforest canopy, Manuel Antonio National Park, and Pacific Ocean, La Mansion Inn offers fantastic 360-degree views from “Sky Lounge”.

This hotel is amazing from top to bottom. The pool right here in La Mansion Inn never closes like the Jacuzzi. In addition to, the staffs are skillful, helpful, and dedicated professionals to serve you only the best.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Hotel Parador – Hotel Parador epitomizes responsible luxury in its every aspect. Located on the Punta Quepos promontory in Costa Rica, Parador is surrounded by 12 acres of wildlife-rich tropical rainforest with panoramic views of Manuel Antonio National Park and the Pacific Ocean.

With close proximity to the world-renowned national park, it’s no wonder the hotel receives a huge number of visitors on a daily basis.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Hotel Arenas Del Mar – Looking to make your trip to Manuel Antonio as exciting and relaxing as possible? You should book your stay at Hotel Arenas Del Mar.

Located within the walking distance of Manuel Antonio National Park, it’s an extraordinary beachfront and rain forest resort catering to the ultimate needs of vacationers seeking for much more than a typical luxury hotel experience.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

Conclusion –

I hope now you might get a better overview of the available places to stay in Costa Rica. What’s your pick? Have you decided? Let Tour Operators CR help you choose one of the ideal places to stay in Costa Rica!

For more information about our hotel accommodation options, please visit our website at Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks!

4 Tips to Book Car Rental in Costa Rica

Do you love to travel? Want to travel where you’ve never been before, explore places you’ve never gone, dine unique dishes, and meet new faces?

Remember, while there’s a lot to love about being on the road, it comes with a few inconveniences. Travel tours are all about the schedules. You can’t take your time and always in a rush.

Car Rental Costa Rica

Do you want to linger to take in a new place? So, if you want more freedom on your trip, the best way to accomplish it is by booking a car rental in Costa Rica.

Going around in Costa Rica is much easier when you can enjoy the trip at your own pace and have the driver or drive your own wheels at the convenience. There are huge options of car rental companies available in Costa Rica. Here are a few key tips to consider for having a relaxing time while booking a car rental in Costa Rica:

Car Rental Costa Rica

The Useful Tips to Book a Car Rental Service for Costa Rica Trip

  1. Book Ahead –

It may not be a surprise to you as the rain subsides and holidays come around, the tourism reached its high season in Costa Rica. As such, car rental options become unavailable for you. After all, fleets deplete so to speak.

Make sure to book your car months in advance if you’re planning your travel in April – December over Easter, Halloween, Christmas/ New Year weeks.

  1. Choose Your Car –

The roads are in good shape. If you’re thinking of finding the hard to reach spots, a 4×4 will be a perfect choice. It’s common to hit heavily-worn dirt roads and streams you might need to cross. And who wants to worry about bottoming their sedan while adventuring in wild terrain?

Car Rental Costa Rica

  1. Know the Place –

The roads in Costa Rica are quite unpredictable in terms of address and direction. Fortunately, Costa Rica has been mapped top to bottom including rural spots. You can find hidden locations and stay informed on accidents, traffic stops, and more.

In addition to, you can’t go wrong with the directions and places. While a driver taking you along your Costa Rica delights, all you need to do is to relax and sit back while enjoying your quality time.

Car Rental Costa Rica

  1. Keep Eyes Open on the Road –

The majority of the roads you’ll travel in Costa Rica may not be the big ones, even if they are freshly paved. This means, more narrow lanes, no shoulders at the time, and no zones are designated for pedestrians.

Schools can pop up that seems like out of nowhere, bikes are prevalent and animals are common on the side of the road. There are a lot of distractions out there on the road; so you should be cautious enough to stay safe and urge you take it easy.

Car Rental Costa Rica

Conclusion –

For a relaxing, wonderful travel experience, check out the available selections for car rental in Costa Rica at Tour Operators CR and make a perfect choice for your transportation needs. We have a huge selection of picture-perfect and well-maintained vehicles at your disposal. For immediate booking, please make a visit to our website at

Top 3 Tourist-Friendly Hotels in Monteverde

If you’re touring to Costa Rica, plan at least a few days to discover a Monteverde’s cloud forest region, one of the most popular eco-tourism oriented communities in Central America. Monteverde is renowned for its cloud forests, nature & wildlife, adrenaline-inducing zip lines & suspension bridges, and not to say its wonderful local coffee, ice cream, and cheeses.

Monteverde features a wide range of accommodations including hotels, cabins, rental houses & apartments that’ll fit any eco-tourist’s budget & quality expectations. Listed below is a complete list of lodges and hotels in Monteverde from which you may find a suitable accommodation for yourself.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge:

Rests on seventy acres of private property, Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge is a top choice when it comes to first class accommodation in Costa Rica. Guests of this lodge can relish its tranquility& all-natural surrounding and easy outdoor accessibility. More than 5 kilometers of trails expand throughout this wooded property, where some 180 bird species are known to live. Appetizing & meticulously made Costa Rican style foods are accessible at the lodge’s friendly eatery, including chicken, beef, soups, fish, desserts, salads and more. The bungalow style rooms of this lodge are large & homey and embellished with vivid, earthy colors.

Hotels in Monteverde

Hotels in Monteverde

Hotel Montana De Monteverde:

Placed in the Cerro Plano area, Hotel Montana Monteverde lies between the petite town of Santa Elena & the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This beautiful mountain hotel is pretty well-maintained and provides its guest’s home cooked meals, easy trail access and access to Jacuzzi & sauna for recreation. Accommodations here in this hotel in Monteverde are classy, simple and clean. There’re fourteen standard & thirty super luxury rooms available for guests. Super luxury room boasts one king size bed, a large private bathtub, mini bar, cable TV, and a safe deposit box. The balconies of this hotel offer fascinating views of the Gulf of Nicoya & its dazzling sunsets.

Hotels in Monteverde

Hotels in Monteverde

Monteverde Inn:

Snuggled into the Tilarán Mountain Range, The Monteverde Inn is one of the oldest hotels in Monteverde. Guests will relish its thirty acres of property & simple accommodations. All the accommodations here in this hotel are clean and simple and have magnificent sights of both the main cloud forest & the Gulf of Nicoya. Moreover, the hotel provides one cabin that’s furnished with a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.

Hotels in Monteverde

Hotels in Monteverde

Shared bathroom & kitchen, private bathroom, laundry service, private parking, gardens, free breakfast and hiking trails are some of the other noticeable amenities to be found in this hotel.

From affordable to luxurious, at Tour Operators Costa Rica we make sure you find hotels in Monteverde that best fit your travel needs and budget. Visit our site now to know more about all the available hotelsin Monteverde. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks!



7 Packing Essentials for Your Costa Rica Tour

Whether you are a rugged eco-traveler or a beach bum, there’re some essential things to know when packing things for your Costa Rica vacation. Situated at ten degrees latitude the sun shines brighter & the rain falls harder here. By packing some simple yet essential items, you will be well on your way to a memorable Costa Rican vacation. Before choosing your travel package to Costa Rica, check out these below-listed packing essentials

Rafting in Rio La Balsa

Spanish Phrase-book:

Yes, In Costa Rica English is common. But having an idea about a few crucial Spanish phrases will truly set you apart from the mainstream of tourists. It does not matter if your accent is horrible, or if you mess with the words totally. Just trying to converse with others in theSpanish language shows empathy & respect. Therefore, keeping a Spanish phrasebook with you is handy.


The weather patterns in Costa Rica are very predictable, but you will certainly wish a decent raincoat – even throughout the dry season. Regardless of where you’re in Costa Rica, you may experience downpour at any time of the year. There is a reason people call it a rain-forest. Buy and equip yourself with a quality rain jacket and carry it anywhere you move in Costa Rica.

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Mosquito repellent:

Costa Rica is home to thousands of bug species. The majority of them are absolutely safe and actually quite striking. But mosquitoes are pretty irritating, and in many cases, they can pass on zika, dengue,and other ailments. The solution is pretty straightforward: put on strong repellent while visiting mosquito prone regions (South Pacific, Central Pacific and Caribbean Coast).

Warm clothes:

Even warm clothes are a must to support your one or two weeks Travel Packages to Costa Rica. Some most beautiful destinations in Costa Rica – Chirripó, Irazú Volcano, Poás Volcano – are placed at elevations above 8,000ft. Bring at least one fleece, sweater or warm jacket. Around warm hat is also an excellent idea. While San Jose downtown can be ok with a casual wear, but as you visit Cloud Forests of Monteverde or San Gerardo de Dota, it’s too cold.


Waterproof Sandals:

If you are taking the boat shuttle from Sierpe to Drake Bay, you will need to be prepared for a beach landing. Be certain to carry sandals or slippers that you don’t mind getting wet for wading through the knee-deep water.


Because of its closeness to the equator, Costa Rica relishes a tropical warm climate throughout the year. That also entails the potency of the sun needs additional precautions. Carry a sunscreen that’s SPF 50 or above, and ensure to reapply. Don’t let the intense sun rays of Costa Rica to ruin your vacation. 

Day Pack:

From beach lounging to hiking, you don’t wish to drag around a heavy bag with you. A day-pack is ideal for hoarding a change of garments & other essentials such as water, sunscreen and bug spray.

Contact Tour Operator Costa Rica,if you are looking for an affordable travel package to Costa Rica. Our tour packages can be customized as per your need and budget. For further inquiries, call us at  +1-408-212-0995.

Plan a Monteverde Vacation For a Dreamlike Costa Rica Experience

Introducing Monteverde

Literally, Monteverde translates to greenish mountains, and upon your arrival, you will understand better. The forest is covered with moss and plants everywhere, on the top of trees, rocks, etc.

The weather is pretty temperate in Monteverde. It’s also filled with extensive varieties of birds, insects, and other wildlife species. You certainly need a relaxed environment for your accommodation at Monteverde,there are plenty of choices Hotels in Monteverde, Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica.

How Do You Get There?

Arriving Monteverde seems difficult sometimes and always long, depending on the season. When you look at the map, you find Monteverde’s proximity to San Jose or La Fortuna and think you can make a quick day trip there, but you’re mistaken.

The road to Monteverde is around 36 kilometers long and winds up into the mountains. The last 16 kilometers is adirt road, so you’ll move slowly.

What Will You Do In Monteverde?

There are hundreds of things to do in Monteverde – starting from bird-watching, wildlife exhibits, and gardens for nature enthusiasts to zip lining, ATV tours, and canopy tour for adrenaline junkies.

Some of the vacation delights of Monteverde are discussed below:

1. Hiking: – When it comes to a tour of Monteverde Cloud Forest, hiking is a must-do activity you shouldn’t miss. The main attraction in Monteverde is the hiking trails stretching around 13 kilometers.

2. Zip Lining: –Nowadays zip lining opportunities are available everywhere. But doyou know Monteverde was the place where zip lining started back in the 1990s?

There are guided tours all over Costa Rica, offering great zip lining tracks, but one of the best options in Monteverde is the Sky Adventures.

Zip Lining

Sky Adventures Zip Lining Trip in Monteverde: –

  • Tour duration -2 hours
  • Number of cables – 8
  • Longest cable – 2460 ft Highest – 328ft

3. Hanging Bridges: – Hanging bridges in Monteverde are one of the great ways to enjoy peace of mind while exploring the cloud forest and spot nature up-close.

hanging bridge

Sky Adventures Hanging Bridges: –

  • Number of bridges – 6
  • Trail length – 1.5 miles
  • Tour options – guided and night tour option

4. Night Walk Tour: – There is a huge availability of companies providing guided night walk tour itineraries. The main motto behind taking a night walk tour in Monteverde is to spot a whole slew of creatures and animal species that come out at night.

Night Walk Tour

5. Garden and Wildlife Exhibits: –Though you will see natural wildlife on the trails in Monteverde, there are also some of the greatest wildlife exhibits:

Monteverde Butterfly Garden – Stop over at Monteverde Butterfly Garden to explore Costa Rican bug species and an up-close experience with a huge variety of insects and arachnids.

Monteverde Bat Jungle: –A guided tour to Bat Jungle in Monteverde offers a world-class bat exhibit where bats love to fly through a simulated jungle environment. You will get a perfect introduction to the incredible world of bats in Bat Jungle.

Monteverde Orchid Garden: – Get a wonderful opportunity to discover around 460 orchid species in Monteverde Orchid Garden. This garden has an average of 120 plants in bloom per day throughout a year.

Where Will You Stay In Monteverde?

Looking for the best hotels in Monteverde? Want to make a perfect selection of your vacation? What to do next? Just count on Tour Operators CR for best hotels in Monteverde.

Hotels in Monteverde

Tour Operators CR has the contacts of some of the finest standard hotels in Monteverde like

El Estab, Arco Iris Lodge, Los Pinos Cabanas & Jardines, Monteverde Lodge & Garden, Hotel Montana, etc.

Hotels in Monteverde

Whether you seek affordable or luxury hotels in Monteverde, we make sure you find an accommodation that best fits your budget and preferences. Tour Operators CR always aims to ensure your Monteverde vacation remains an unforgettable experience to cherish forever.

Hotels in Monteverde

What’s your take on Monteverde vacation in Costa Rica? Let us know your suggestions in the comment section below!!

Hotels in Monteverde

Feel free to stay tuned to Tour Operators CR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social networks.

5 Tips to Make Your Costa Rica Vacation Worthwhile

Just imagine centering yourself on a yoga mat or surfboard, descending bat-packed caves or the spectacular volcanic peaks, ziplining, biking or hiking – your only limit on a Costa Rica vacation is your return date.

The magnificent coast has emerged as a perfect pick on avid traveler’s bucket list. It stands apart from all of its Central American neighbors for embracing cutting-edge trends – surfing, sustainable tourism opportunities, and farm-to-table restaurants.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

One of the most bio-diverse countries around the world and at home to half a million species – starting from insects to the giant anteaters, Costa Rica preserves one-quarter of its wild land. The developing infrastructure is perfectly balanced by green energy – wind and hydro. While there’s no standing army, you always feel safe here.

1. Embrace Costa Rica Wellness and Relaxation.

Make your slippers and waffle cotton robe ready as Costa Rica is eagerly waiting to pamper you like nobody can. With tropics-inspired fragrance and soft, cool feel of the skin, the Costa Rica wellness spa is spellbinding.

The lush rain forests and gently lapping waves along the coast make it a picturesque backdrop. And many of the kind, intuitive Costa Rica spa therapists have a perfect way with their hands. Book a spa tour packages to Costa Rica and indulge in the elaborate, intimate space dedicated to utmost relaxation and pleasure.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Taking a spa session will seem like a haven with lighting scented candles, playing ethereal music, offering exotic teas, and inventing creative ways to soothe the body and the mind. No matter whether you choose Swedish massage or healing Stone massage, Costa Rica will leave you satisfied and relaxed!!

2. Ring in Costa Rica Honeymoon Enjoying Each Other’s Company.

The wedding is a beautiful occasion for love and lifetime companionship. But let’s make it real and plan a honeymoon. Costa Rica is a tiny country – boasts a whopping 800 miles coastline along the Pacific and Caribbean Coast including two jungle-lined peninsulas.

When it comes to honeymoon in Costa Rica, your options are endless. Watching the sunrise or sunset together – preferably over the ocean is simply magical!! In fact, the charm of this paradise can’t be explained in words.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a haven – which seems difficult to resist for newlyweds. Are you ready to start a new life with the one you love? Immerse in the enchantment and honeymoon bliss with your significant other in a purely magical retreat – Costa Rica!!

What are you thinking? Book your honeymoon tour packages to Costa Rica right now and save yourself from the last minute chaos.

3. Treat Yourself Costa Rica Adrenaline-Pumping Adventure.

Looking for a unique taste of world-class highlights to explore in Costa Rica? Want to keep things spicy with a sample of hidden treasures? Then the action-packed adventures in Costa Rica top the menu.

In spite of its tiny size, Costa Rica offers wonderful opportunities to explore its volcanoes, wildlife, rainforests, and beaches. The adventure activities are the great balance of guided excursions and free time.

You can choose adventure tour packages to Costa Rica to get your adrenaline pumping or take a stroll through a butterfly garden.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

4. Plan a Costa Rica Family Friendly Adventure.

Nothing brings learning to life like the real-world experience of Costa Rica. You can get in touch with the land by rappelling, swimming, rafting, horseback riding, and even surfing. Booking family-friendly tour packages to Costa Rica is the opportunity to experience a diverse ecosystem without any hitch.

You will dive into the heart of the biological diverse country – Costa Rica, travel along rivers through the rainforest; pass towering volcanoes, and the blissful beaches. It will awaken your inner nature, love for sure!!

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

5. Stay in the Seclusion and Intimacy in Costa Rica Hotels.

From striking nature, delicious cuisines, to adrenaline-pumping action and eco-friendly lodges around the country, there’s no shortage of reasons to put Costa Rica on the top of your bucket list.

Blessed with the incredible views of nature –including volcanoes, waterfalls, etc, the rustic, charming, and private hotel rooms are the perfect place to relax and enjoy avacation. The on-site restaurant serves delicious meals and cocktails; the customer service is unmatched and best of all they treat you like family.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Conclusion –

No matter whatever things appeal you the most, book your preferred tour packages to Costa Rica through Tour Operators CR and return with one-of-its-kind memories to cherish forever!


5 Best Places to Stay in Costa Rica for Vacation

It takes a few hours’ flight from New York, Los Angeles, Newark and other major American cities to reach Costa Rica which has now become the favorite destination for many vacationers. Whether you are interested in exploring the beach lines of the Caribbean and Pacific, visiting a range of bio-diversities, enjoying Nature and Wildlife, experiencing exciting volcano adventure or an amazing jungle journey on a Costa Rica vacation, there is the availability of some of the best in places to stay in Costa Rica.

You can find the most luxurious places to stay in Costa Rica including Manuel Antonio, San Jose, Tortuguero, Arenal, Monteverde, Puerto Viejo, Santa Teresa that feature among the top tourist destinations in this Central American country. Just off the nation’s central Pacific coast, you can relax after taking a Canopy Safari Zip Line tour in a luxury condo or a fascinating hideaway hotel built in the pleasant surrounding of Manuel Antonio National Park. Take a pick from the below-mentioned places to stay in Costa Rica and enjoy a first-class vacation experience at any time of the year.

  1. The Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica – It is a five-star resort near Quepos in the Manuel Antonio National Park abounded with rare and spectacular wildlife. During your stay, you will experience a perfect blend of modern facilities and natural panorama here. Sitting on the huge strip of lowland coastal forests of Costa Rica, the Gaia hotel’s deluxe suites and family-friendly villas offer a sight of green and pure wild ambiance that is incomparable.

The Gaia Hotel and Reserve will also amaze you with a wide range of personal services and lots of conveniences such as an on-site restaurant/tennis courts, 24/7 room service, gym, spa, outdoor pool, plus the availability of a myriad of personal services. Gaia brings you a luxury stay nearby the peaceful town of Paritta and one of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches, Playa Manuel Antonio with all the desirable activities.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Finca Rosa Blanca in San Jose, Costa Rica – This is an artistically built eco-resort topping the panoramic highlands of Costa Rica. It takes only 20 minutes from the international airport to reach Finca Rosa Blanca, which exudes an incoherent and organic feel with mosaic/murals lying all over the place. With the calm and quiet atmosphere, Finca makes an excellent place to stay in Costa Rica for traveling around San Jose. The tropical grounds around are full of coffee plants, mango trees, butterflies, hummingbirds, etc. Benches are placed on trails to let guests relax and contemplate. So, get ready for a luxury eco-friendly accommodation experience with spectacular views overlooking the city beyond the volcanoes.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Tortuga Lodge & Gardens in Tortuguero, Costa Rica – This sophisticated and friendly river lodge on the northeastern shoreline of Costa Rica in the Tortuguero town is the ultimate destination for guests who want to get close to close while lying in hammocks. It boasts shiny Cedar and Gavilan hardwoods supremacy and the open-air design while providing home-style accommodation with great Caribbean influence. Top attractions include private balmy jungle trails, a relaxing pool, riverside porch encircled by hammocks, and a delectable Caribbean restaurant.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica – It is a romantic eco-resort in the surf town of Santa Teresa hindered from the beach and wrapped up in the Pacific coast forest. Here, you can have the luxury of lying back, reading a book, watching stunning sunsets from your private individual bungalow or Casitas. With the privacy of open-air rooms, you can not only stare at the ocean, but also have a serene sleep amidst nature. Additionally, you have scope for surf lessons, jungle canopy zip-line tours, and snorkeling, walking at the nature reserves nearby.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. The Springs Resort & Spa in Arenal, Costa Rica – It is an exquisite and expansive hot springs resort in the adventure tourism capital of Costa Rica – Arenal. The Springs Resort & Spa is a multi-story building with conical blue roofs, delicate interiors, palm trees, hot springs, etc. All of its 74 rooms are facing the iconic volcano of Arenal. The accommodation for guest is surely exceptional with facilities going beyond gym, spa, the bar, restaurant, the gift shop, hot springs etc.

Places to Stay in Costa Rica

All the above-listed ones will prove to be amazing places to stay in Costa Rica for vacation. To get the best deals on Costa Rica hotels/inns or learn about the best places for a Costa Rica vacation stay beyond the list, contact Tour Operators CR on +1-408-212-0995 or via!

10 Reasons to Book Holidays in Costa Rica

The rainforested and rugged Central American bliss – Costa Rica is blessed with both the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. It’s well-known paradise for its striking varieties of beaches. Around one-quarter of Costa Rica is filled with protected jungle – which is incredibly rich with wildlife, making it one of the most bio-diverse destinations on the planet.

From striking nature to delicious food, there’s no shortage of reasons to book your holidays in Costa Rica:


1. The Rain forests –

Around 25% of Costa Rica is covered with protected national parks and rainforest – which is actually 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

2. The Beaches –

Whether you are on Costa Rica adventure tours or simply just want a break in between adventure, vacation, Costa Rica can be an ideal choice for you. Boasting over 1,000 miles of coastline, Costa Rica is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches around the world.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

3. The Surfing Thrill –

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the top surfing destinations in the world. The water you’ll find here is warm year-round. The rainy season can be the best to hang out as it’s not crowded. Even if you’re new to surfing, there are plentiful arrays of surf schools to learn the basic surfing skills better.


4. The Volcanoes –

Due to the presence of volcanoes in Costa Rica, you will find there very rich and fertile soil – which makes the country so lush and full of life. The volcanoes and their surrounding areas are popular for hiking, camping, and mountain biking adventures.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

5. The Food –

Costa Rica enjoys its own set of delicious cuisines from natural produces. However, the country is popular for coffee, banana, and chocolates. On your adventure tours in Costa Rica, you shouldn’t give a miss to authentic delicacies.

6. The People –

Costa Rica is the happiest country on the earth. A common saying among the local inhabitants is “Pura Vida” – which means “Pure Life”. Wherever you go in Costa Rica, the locals will welcome you with a smiling face wholeheartedly.

7. The Adventure Options –

Are you a thrill-seeker? Or are you someone who craves adventure on vacation? Book a adventure tours in Costa Rica won’t disappoint you at all. The country offers amazing opportunities for zip-lining tours, whitewater rafting, kayaking, scuba diving, sky diving and many more.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

8. The Sloths –

The sloths are the slowest mammals all over the world – can be seen around the country. You just look up in the trees while driving along the road or hiking in the jungles and you might see one or two.

slowest mammals

9. The Wildlife –

Costa Rica is the home to cheeky monkeys – who might steal your food if you’re not watching. Even if it’s not the monkey, it can be the raccoons. Besides, you will see lizards, geckos, and iguanas all over the place.

In fact, Costa Rica is renowned as a spectacular bird-watching destination with more than 800 species stays here.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

10. The Eco-tourism –

You will find so many eco-friendly hotels and lodges around the country. The tour operators are attempting to be as low-impact as possible and they are well on their way to full sustainability. You will feel good about visiting there.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

How Do You Get There –

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