Top six things to do in Costa Rica during a Family vacation

Costa Rica is an eco-friendly country with planted green corridors from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean surrounded by all the intense natural beauty and home to migratory birds. Country is much impressive for all wildlife lovers due to its natural travel destinations, national parks and ecological areas. Various species of birds, frog, monkey along with gorgeous scenery, volcanoes, beaches, cloud forests and some excellent coffee gardens are unique to Costarica. There is everything for fun starting from relaxing on the beach, hiking, rappelling, fishing or scuba diving. Most amazing fact about Costa Rica is that people who live here are most satisfied people on the world.  It may be a small country, but is a home to plenty of beautiful beaches on its coasts, rain forests, Mountains, rivers and huge parks surrounded by all the intense biodiversity through its tropical forests.

Considering many factors and facilities for amusement a Family vacation trip to Costa Rica is a pleasant experience.  Do you know Kids love a ropeway drive, they also want to see plenty of fish, they also love fishing. So make a trip to Costa Rica with Family.

National Park of Costa Rica

Visitors can witness the unique combination of marine and land ecosystems in National Parkin Costa Rica are exclusively meant for conservation, scientific investigation, environmental education and eco-tours. The park is very popular among tropical ecologist and eco-tourists who love its plant and wildlife wealth. Visitors witness several hiking trails through the park, unique combination of marine and land ecosystems, Marine life like manta rays, dolphins, white tipped reef sharks, silky sharks, bull sharks, and Olive Ridley sea turtles are abundant in the general outliers of the island. These bird species commonly observed during their migration in July to October and December to March.

Poás Volcano National Park

Best Sport fishing in Costa Rica

One can enjoy the best blue water fishing anywhere In the South Pacific Ocean near the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is a very special place in the world especially when it comes to Costa Rica fishing. Best sport fishing skills can be used to feel the spirit of fighting a fierce mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, marlin, or sailfish during your sport fishing. The Osa Peninsula region is known as the hottest area for fishing and continues to produce world record catches year after year.

Osa Peninsula rain forest

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

For a true eco adventure one can head to the various biological reserves and the national parks in Costa Rica. Travelers will come across face to face with some of the most exotic flora and fauna. Eco tours offers wildlife viewing and bird watching facilities. Areas like the Tortuguero National Park, Cano Palma Wildlife Reserve, Monteverde National Park, Braulio Carillo Park, Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge and the Manuel Antonio Park are some of the places worth visiting. Ecotourism in Costa Rica helps to spread awareness regarding conservation as it continues to flourish in the country and offer millions of opportunity to make it different in the world.

cano negro wildlife refuge

Excellent hiking opportunity

Hiking is one of the primary reason for which many traveler likes to visit Costa Rica .Guided hiking provides fun, safe, education and experience to visitors . Hiking over the trails is one of the best ways to explore the outdoors and watch the natural beauty of Costa Rica. There are a number of hiking trails in Costa Rica and distinct by their exclusive location. Arenal Volcano hiking, Bright blue waters of Rio Celeste, Manuel Antonio National Park Hike, Arenal Hanging Bridges Hike,and CableBridge on the transcontinental trek, BajosDel Toro Waterfall hike are some of the places one can go with family for vacation.  Hike from along flat trails to challenging treks will take you through areas of regenerating nature where a unique set of plant and animal species can be found. It brings real excitation  for a your Family Vacation at  Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano hiking

Best Zip-lining Experience

Zip line allows gliding through the jungle to have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful rainforest and rivers. Zip line activity in Costa Rica is always muscle-stretching and mind-challenging adventure to offer a fresh memory to travelers. Tourists from all around the world join adventures zip line travel under expert guides, who had been conducting these ziplining in Costa Rica for more than a decade. The platforms were solid enough to hold large group of travelers. Traveler can fly among and above the rain forest in the exciting Zip line and experience the real adventure of zip line travel. The whole process of zip line travel is very well managed, extremely fun and safe.

Whitewater Rafting

Traveler can Experience the thrill adventure of rafting down on white-water with the help of an experience guide. The guide explains short safety training, demonstrate some paddling techniques and share basic rafting tips with travelers. People gear up with a paddle, life vest and helmet to start the most challenging ride. Variation of Water level in river depends upon the rainfall which may have some impact upon travelers during rafting. After a successful journey rafters stops at river bank pit. Traveler may relax in the shade of towering trees or enjoy a refreshing swim in the river after completion of white water rafting.

Rafting in cost rica


Visitor always dreams to have a visit over Costa Rica – a beautiful and safest place in the Word. There are lots of place in Costa Rica to visit starting from trekking hills ending with beaches. Best way to find out something in Costa Rica is visiting here on a family vacation with open heart and mind. We at Tour Operators Costa Rica make sure you experience the best that the country has to offer. We try to offer all facilities for our customers starting from transport to accommodation, best meals to itineraries of travel for a memorable travel in Costa Rica. Most of our tours will pick our travelers up and return them right to their Hotels. We are always happy to assist our visitors from start to end of their tour. For any quarries about affordable Costa Rica Family Vacations tour package please contact us on +1-408-212-0995.

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Experience Full of Life & Beautiful Lifestyle at Aurola Holiday Inn

Costa Rica is full of never-ending exciting activities, gorgeous beaches, and a plethora of wildlife species, food, and friendly people. However, the beaches may seem like a picturesque paradise with great opportunities for water-based adventures like surfing, diving as well as the availability of plentiful places to get away from the hordes of busy life style. In short and simple words, Costa Rica, a tranquil hub has everything to appeal travel enthusiast of every kind.

If you’re on a vacation in Costa Rica and want to indulge in Costa Rican magnificence, you should experience full of life and beautiful lifestyle at Aurola Holiday Inn – one of the best hotels in Costa Rica.

Aurola Holiday Inn

Aurola Holiday Inn – One of the Best Hotels in Costa Rica

Located in the heart of Central America, Aurola Holiday Inn is a luxurious and beautiful getaway nestled in the midst of the lively Costa Rican capital city of San Jose. Situated within a 5-minute walk of Morazan Park, Jade Museum, and Gold Museum, this hotel is blessed with awe-inspiring spectacles of the magnificent Central Valley – a plateau and geographic region of Central America surrounded by mountains and volcanoes.

Auola Holiday Inn

Why Choosing Your Stay at Aurola Holiday Inn Makes Sense –

Accessibility –

Being one of the best hotels in Costa Rica, Aurola Holiday Inn is conveniently located up close to local sightseeing attractions and downtown businesses. It’s just a few steps away from the business and financial district, museums, shopping malls, entertainment facilities and art galleries.

Aurola Holiday Inn Hotel

Amenities –

Due to the existence in the downtown San Jose area, Aurola Holiday Inn offers immediate access to modern amenities like on-site business center, spacious meeting rooms, indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, two restaurants, lobby bar, modern fitness center, casino, and much more.

Aurola Holiday Inn

State-of-the-art Facilities –

While reserving your stay at Aurola Holiday Inn one of the best hotels in San Jose -, be sure of experiencing the luxury ambiance you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Spacious and modern rooms with air conditioning
  • Triple sheeted beds
  • Work desks
  • Two phones and phone lines with free local calls and voice messaging
  • Complimentary high-speed wireless internet access
  • Coffee maker
  • Cable TV with premium channels
  • Safety deposit box
  • A guest mini bar
  • Smoke-free guest rooms and public areas
  • Wakeup call and deliver breakfast right to bedroom

Conclusion –

If a truly ecological experience and a real meaning of “Pura Vida” you seek for, book Aurola Holiday Inn with Tour Operators CR. Enjoy full of life and beautiful downtown San Jose lifestyle at one of the best hotels in Costa Rica. For immediate availability of our hotel accommodation, please get in touch with us at +1-408-212-0995 or contact us.

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Indulge in the Adventures at Unspoiled Costa Rican Tropical Paradise

Costa Rica, an eco-tourist’s dream hub is often synonymous with an unspoiled tropical paradise. Blessed with beaches and biodiversity, Costa Rica is a verdant land of misty volcanoes, roaring rivers, and lush jungles teeming with exotic fauna.

If you are planning to go on adventure tours in Costa Rica, the sightseeing adventures at Costa Rica won’t disappoint you at all. Here are some of the best picks to get the most out of your Costa Rica tour:

How Do You Turn on Your Adventure Spirit in Costa Rica –

1. Rafa Monkey Tour in Damas Island –

Located just outside the Quepos, Damas Island is well-known for diverse varieties of fauna species and abundant aquatic activities. Situated up close to the popular tourist destinations like Jaco and Manuel Antonio National Park, Damas Island is an ideal getaway for adventure tours in Costa Rica. While visiting there, you will catch a glimpse of fauna species like white-faced monkeys, sloths, boas or one of the many birds that populate the region. Besides, you will enjoy a unique experience of watching and feeding monkeys with an extraordinary guide at Damas Island.

Monkey Tour in Costa Rica

2. Rafting Adventure on the Naranjo River –

Costa Rica is the home to some of the best white water rafting adventures around the world. Located in a wild and untamed part of Costa Rica, Naranjo River plunges through extremely magnificent, the unexplored tropical wilderness of Costa Rica. However, while taking a rafting adventure on the Naranjo River, you will drop steeply from the mountains above Quepos, through a striking jungle gorge, passing nearby farmlands as well as lush palm plantations. Besides, there’s an availability of class III – IV half day challenge for experienced paddlers on the Naranjo River.

Naranjo River Rafting

3. Horseback Riding in Monteverde –

A horseback riding tour is a perfect way to discover the greenish, mountainous countryside of Monteverde. Here, you will have the privilege of exploring the beautiful Monteverde private reserve on horseback while appreciating the beauty and tranquility of rural Costa Rican lifestyle – the world away from the tourist crowds and traffic. However, you can continue your horseback riding tour along the central Pacific coast to Manuel Antonio, boasts awe-inspiring white-grey sandy beaches fringed by thickly forested green hills.

Horseback Riding

4. Hiking in Cerro Chato Volcano –

Cerro Chato Volcano, the little brother of Arenal Volcano, is not as high and active as its sibling, but a wonderful area to explore on Costa Rica adventure tours. Based on the southeast side of Arenal Volcano, surrounded by the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa property, Cerro Chato is a dormant volcano. The interesting fact about this volcano is that one of its lava flows created the waterway, leads to the La Fortuna Waterfall.

5. Bungee Jumping at Arenal Volcano –

Usually, bungee jumping includes leaping off a high point – from a bridge, dam or cliff – while connected to a long elastic cord. So, it’s time to experience the high-octane thrill of bungee jumping in Costa Rica at Arenal Volcano and enjoy the spectacular views of the scenic nature.

Conclusion –

Are you ready to hit Costa Rican adventures on this holiday? So, why are waiting for! Take a look at the available packages for adventure tours in Costa Rica at Tour Operators CR and enjoy immersing in one of its kind thrilling activities to treasure forever. For more information about our Costa Rica adventure tour itineraries, please visit!

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What should you Know Before Booking a Travel Package to Costa Rica?

The palm-fringed beaches, refreshing mountain towns, verdant rainforests and friendly locals of Costa Rica make it a traveler’s paradise. Are you planning to go on a Costa Rica holiday? It is important to book a well-planned travel package to Costa Rica, which will help in having the utmost fun and enjoyment on your holiday trip. Before booking the travel package, it is important for you to consider some basic things about Costa Rica’s rich history and diversity.

Here is a list of some important things to know about your Costa Rica that will enhance your travel experience with family or friends!

1. Your Introduction to Costa Rica:

The diverse country- Costa Rica is a part of Central America, which is situated to the south of Nicaragua and to the north of Panama. This beautiful country is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the eastern coast and the Pacific Ocean on the western coast. The country’s capital is San Jose. Along with a booming tourism industry, this country boosts in textiles and coffee business. Spanish is the official language in Costa Rica, though many locals can also speak English.

Caribbean Sea

2. Best Time to Visit Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is blessed with a tropical and subtropical climate that does not have seasons. So, it can be said that there is really no bad time to visit this beautiful country. Costa Rica is an all-year round destination.

Dry Season: This a peak visiting season, which runs from December through April

Wet Season: This period runs from May through November and sees fewer tourists. If you want to avoid a large crowd and enjoy a memorable Costa Rica travel experience, then visiting Costa Rica during this time will prove to be effective.

3. Top Tourist Places:

A country with extreme beauty and awaiting adventure, Costa Rica offers a magical and wonderful experience to its visitors.

Manuel Antonio: One of the best and most popular tourist places, Manuel Antonio is ideal for both family getaway and a honeymoon trip. This place boasts of having some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and perfectly tranquil waters. Here you will get an opportunity to explore the stunningly beautiful and diverse Manuel Antonio National Park. This national park boasts of gorgeous landscape, wildlife, pristine white sand beaches, mystical coves and tropical rainforests.

Monteverde Cloud Forest: This is one of the most breathtaking nature reserves, which is known as a nature lover’s paradise. As a true cloud forest, the Monteverde Cloud Forest boasts of a stunning variety of flora and fauna.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Arenal Volcano: The majestic Arenal Volcano is one of the most popular natural wonders that attract tourists and visitors from all around the world. This is an active volcano with a crater 460-feet and height of 1670 meters.

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

4. Transportation:

In Costa Rica, both public and private transportation is available. This will help you enjoy convenient and safe transportation in Costa Rica on your holiday trip.

If you want to get the most out of your holiday trip, you can consider booking a suitable and customized travel package to Costa Rica from Tour Operator CR. Whether you want to book a family holiday package or honeymoon Costa Rica travel package, we are always ready to provide you the right guidance and consultation to coordinate your trip to Costa Rica and make it memorable and enjoyable. With us, you will get the 24 hours a day and 7 days a week assistance of a Costa Rican based English speaking tour guide.

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4 Smart Tips to Plan Your Costa Rica Tour

Costa Rica is the place to go for a vacation with your family which you heard from your near and dears or from an online research. But confused on how to start planning?  You must be thinking about several question in back of your mind like where to stay, where to visit, what would be cost, how to interact with local community etc. Please check out this post and get smart tips to make the  Costa Rica vacation unforgettable as it deserves to be:

 Adventure tour in cost rica

The Useful Tips to Make Your Costa Rica Holiday a Great Success –

1. The Places to Visit in Costa Rica –

If you’ve already decided that you need, crave, deserve, or just want a vacation in Costa Rica, the first step is deciding where to go. Costa Rica is embraced by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. However, the interior of the magnificent land is filled with spectacular sightings including waterfalls, volcanoes, national parks, and rainforests. Some of the points of interests in Costa Rica include Manuel Antonio National Park, Tortuguero, Volcano Arenal and much more.

All you need is to narrow down your needs and capture the ultimate spirit of “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica on vacation!


2. The Perfect Time to Visit Costa Rica –

There is no specific time to visit Costa Rica as the weather remains warm year-round because of the tropical climate. However, the sunshine is constant and more dependable than any other parts of the world. In fact, the sun rises and sets at nearly the exact time every day, regardless of the month. Out of all seasons, the Costa Rican winter – green season is very temperate and pleasant. Even, there are less number of tourists during October, November and early December. Hence, you should choose to vacation in Costa Rica on Costa Rican winter season – only if you are much concerned about the budget or traveling with large groups of family.


3. Get Around Costa Rica –

Booking the flight to Costa Rica is easy and can be done within a few minutes. After booking a flight to Costa Rica, you need to think about all the necessary details of your vacation. It’s highly suggested that you shouldn’t take the risk of driving a vehicle to get around Costa Rica on vacation. The road system in Costa Rica can seem complicated if you don’t speak fluent Spanish or aren’t familiar with the area. But you can avoid the complications and hassles of the road system, by choosing a car rental in Costa Rica to handle all the  transportation needs. Even, the local streets or lanes in Costa Rica are not clearly named or marked with signs. So, it takes a local to find a destination with a thorough knowledge of landmarks. So, the simplest way to avoid frustrations and delays on vacation is to combine your Costa Rican tour packages with a reliable car rental in Costa Rica for your convenience.



4. The Perfect Way to Get the Most Out of the  Costa Rican Vacation –

Choosing what to do is a fun as well as the exciting aspect of your Costa Rican vacation. You should make it easy and take the help from professional tour operator to help you out. You can rely on their experience and expertise to guide you through booking each and every detail of your Costa Rica tour itinerary.

corcovado national park in costa rica


The safety, trust and reliability terms matter a lot, especially when you and your entire family are on a vacation in a completely different land around the world. So, if you are taking a Costa Rican tour on vacation, you can just rely on Tour Operators CR – a locally owned and operated tour operator with years of experience and excellence in Costa Rican tourism. Book uniquely-designed travel packages including car rental in Costa Rica with Tour Operators CR and rest assured that you and your family are in good hands. We will work with you and will make sure that you get unforgettable travel experiences to treasure forever, you can check out our available car rental options and make a perfect choice to get the best out of your Costa Rican vacation with family.

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Why Costa Rica Allures Family Vacationers?

Are you thinking that it is too costly to take your family for an abroad trip? If yes, then it’s time to consider a Costa Rica family vacation which won’t break your bank. Last year we had a wonderful family vacation in Costa Rica.

I would love to share my experience which makes you a easy planning:

We Had A Blast At A Dormant Volcano:

My whole family was wowed as we witnessed a small outbreak from the Arenal Volcano. Afterward, we headed towards the foot of the volcano to check Tabacon Hot Springs. Each landscaped track leads to a diverse surprise: waterfalls, bridges and natural pools. My children loved jumping from one pool to another and discovering the concealed off the beaten path. It’s really a lot of fun and great time in centered on the hot springs.

Rafting in Rio La Balsa

We Enjoyed A Nature Trip Like Never Before:

Receiving a wake-up call from a group of howler monkeys are something my whole family still talks about. Certainly, Costa Rica’s national parks and rainforest are a nature lover’s heaven. We just fell in love with the Manuel Antonio National Park which is a tiny nature reserve with trails simple enough for children to deal with.  On the suburbs of the park is sparkling white sand beaches, where one can snorkel through schools of tropical fish, enroll the kids at a surf school, or enjoy a picnic on the beach-side and see squirrel monkeys strive to snatch or steal some of your lunch items.        

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica         

There’re Adventure For Every Age:

Whether it is soaking in the sights from a zip-line swing through the crown of the rainforest or riding a horse on the beautiful beach, Costa Rica has outdoor activities for everybody and every age. My kids enjoyed riding over a series of suspension bridges built above the tropical forest canopy.

Costa Rica Has Hotels For Any Budget:

From countryside lodges to American chains and luxury resorts, Costa Rica provides all kinds of accommodations. We stayed at Namuwoki Lodge that features 16 well-furnished bungalows. We think this is the best family hotel in Costa Rica. However, it depends on your budget and specific needs in terms of choosing a hotel.

Sky Walk


Costa Rica perfectly fits the bill if you are looking for a family-friendly vacation destination without breaking your bank.  It’s easy to get cheap flights to Costa Rica — and since English is spoken widely, it’s also not tough to navigate the country. Most importantly for about half the cost of a top-shelf Disney holiday, you can discover a whole new sphere with your kids. For more information stay social with us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Travel Packages to Costa Rica: Top 4 Exciting Things about Costa Rica Travel

The amazing Central American country- Costa Rica is full of natural treasures, which attracts visitors from across the globe to enjoy a wonderful trip. As one of the most diverse places on the earth, Costa Rica boasts of gorgeous beaches, stunningly diverse wildlife, amazing scenery and more. Whether you are traveling with your family, a group of friends or alone, booking a customized travel package to Costa Rica will help you enjoy a wonderful travel experience.

Here are the most exciting things, which you can explore on your Costa Rica travel, please have a look!

1. Exquisite Pristine Beaches:

Do you know!! Costa Rica is considered as one of the ideal beach vacation spots in the world! The tropical paradise- Costa Rica is bordered by the North Pacific Ocean (to the West) and the Caribbean Sea (to the East). This creates an unlimited stunning coastline like 132 miles on the Caribbean side and 780 miles of coastline on the Pacific side of the country. The ideal geographical placement of Costa Rica makes it the hot-spot for enjoying water sports like surfing, swimming, and fishing. Apart from indulging in exciting water sports, you can also take time out to relax on the soft sandy beach and soak up the sun or enjoy the scenic view.

Exquisite Pristine Beaches

2. The Lush Green Forests:

More than half of Costa Rica is covered with rainforest, which is estimated to be 51%. The beautiful jungle terrain of Costa Rica provides a great platform to indulge in adventurous and exciting outdoor activities. With a private guide, you can enjoy hike, canopy, ATV and zip lining tour while exploring the lush green beautiful rainforests with hidden waterfalls. Costa Rica also is known for its cloud forests like Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Lush Green Forests

3. Stunning Wildlife:

As one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, Costa Rica has over 500, 000 species of native animals. If you are a wildlife lover, then planning a Costa Rica travel will help you to witness a variety of unique species like sloths, capuchin monkeys, wild American crocodiles, colorful tree frogs, beautiful butterflies and more. On a Costa Rica guided tour to Manuel Antonio National Park and Carrara National Park, you will get an opportunity to witness a stunning variety of wildlife species. This beautiful country is packed with some exotic wildlife on the planet, which you can explore on a guided tour or travel.

capuchin monkeys

4. Breathtaking Adventure Activities:

For all adrenaline junkies, Costa Rica is a heaven. On a wonderful Costa Rica travel, you will get an opportunity to indulge in some breathtaking, adrenaline boosting activities like white-water rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing and more. The azure waters, beautiful rain forests, claim Lake Arenal, active an active volcano and more sets a great platform for the adventure lovers to enjoy a memorable adventurous trip.

You can consider booking a well-planned travel package to Costa Rica from Tour Operators CR to get a reliable service and guidance. We provide a wide variety of Costa Rica tour and travel packages that can be customized with a personalized itinerary. With us, you can get the 24/7 reliable assistance of Costa Rican based English speaking and experienced guide.

To select the right type of tour and travel packages to Costa Rica, please browse through our webpage:!

Make sure to contact us today at +1-408-212-0995 to get more details about booking an affordable Costa Rica tour or travel package!

Top 5 Adrenaline Boosting Activities to do on a Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Are you planning for an adventurous vacation in Costa Rica? Do you want to enjoy a thrilling adventure tour in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is one of the diverse vacation destinations in the world that allows you to enjoy the most exciting, fun-filled and adventurous activities on a vacation trip. The lush and lovely Central American country- Costa Rica lays a great platform for every adventure enthusiast to enjoy an exhilarating trip.

Let us explore some of the popular adrenaline boosting tours in Costa Rica that you will love to enjoy on your adventurous vacation trip:

1. Zip Lining Adventure Tour:

Costa Rica is one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy the zip-lining adventure tour. You can opt for the canopy of one of the abundant rainforests or choose the cloud forest of volcanoes such as Monteverde or Arenal to enjoy an exciting zip lining that offers a bird-eye view from far as 425m or 1,400ft above the ground. Zipping down via the cables will offer you some memorable moments to appreciate the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

adventure tour

2. Hiking and Trail Tours:

You can consider hiking the Chato Hill through a very dense primary forest to reach the summit. This hiking adventure will prove to be the most exciting activity, as you will get a chance to visit the lagoon on the top, discover the surroundings, watch birds, animals, insects and get beautiful views of San Carlos valley and Arenal Volcano.

3. Fun filled Canyoning:

Have you ever thought of scaling a steep cliff face? Then enjoying the canyoning activity in Costa Rica on your vacation trip will make it an attainable goal. Canyoning is an adventurous activity that can be described as a mixture of abseiling down the waterfalls and hiking in the jungle. Do not forget to get the assistance of experienced canyoners and have the best gear to enjoy a safe and fun-filled canyoning activity. During this activity, you will get the glimpse of Costa Rica’s tropical waterfalls.

adventure tour

4. Scuba Diving or Snorkel:

Scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast to explore the magical underwater world and see some amazing marine life. On the Caribbean coast, you will get a chance to see the huge turtles, manta rays, white-tip sharks, manatees and explore the beautiful coral reefs.

5. Adventurous Bungee Jumping:

Are you excited to feel your adrenaline racing? Then enjoy the bungee jumping activity! Costa Rica is the home to Latin America’s highest bungee jumping site- Extremo Park in Monteverde that is every adventure enthusiast’s dream spot to explore. You need to take up an aerial tram ride to reach the platform and enjoy an exciting adventure- bungee jumping at the Extremo Park in Monteverde.

Adventure tour

Costa Rica is a beautiful rain forested country in Central America that boasts of having some of the world’s best beaches. The diversity of landscape and natural wonders makes Costa Rica the ultimate hotspot for enjoying an adventure tour.

To enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, you can book a well-planned and guided adventure tour in Costa Rica from Tour Operator CR. We specialize in consulting, designing and coordinating trips to Costa Rica to make every tourist’s vacation trip memorable and enjoyable. Our English-speaking tour guides are efficient in providing you the right support and guidance 24/7. We will help you to indulge in the most exciting and adventurous activities that will enhance your trip experience.

Please give a call today at +1-408-212-0995 or send an email- to know more about the Costa Rica adventure tour packages.

What Are Your Options For Accommodation In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is popular not only for its natural splendor but also for the magnificent resorts and hotels the country boasts. It would not be integrated in top 10 honeymoon locations in the globe if the country doesn’t have great accommodation facilities. There’re many hotels & resorts which are branded and meant for the Style, class you look for in Costa Rica which can suit any budget you’ve and provides you the amenities. From high-end hotels to budget-friendly cabins they have it all.

Here is a brief guide if you are looking for places to stay in Costa Rica:

Luxury & Boutique Hotels:

Smaller hotels based in Costa Rica provide a laid-back & home like atmosphere that’s comfortable and welcoming. Hotels in Costa Rica are often family-run businesses and can be discovered in all major cities and also many overlooked nooks & crannies of Costa Rica – from the base of a volcano to the corner of a steaming rainforest. Tourists who really wish to be soaked themselves up into the beautiful culture of Costa Rica & the typical Tico lifestyle will relish lodging in smaller hotels, as these generally offer a more candid look at what everyday life is truly like in the country.

Luxury Hotel

All-Inclusive Resorts:

An all-inclusive resort is the best bet for you if you wish to have everything at your fingertips. For one fee, you will acquire everything that you wish from a holiday without needing to concern about driving around, employing public transportation service or ending up in the incorrect region. All-inclusive resorts are generally family friendly and close to some of the best attractions of the country.

Vacation Rentals:

Do you want to enjoy the country lifestyle of Costa Rica in the best possible manner? If yes, then a vacation rental is certainly the best choice for you. Costa Rica vacation rentals are located throughout the country and are accessible for anywhere from one day to a month and even more. Vacations rentals are the ideal choice for tourists who wish to explore everything Costa Rica has to provide – from the sandy beaches to the lavish city centers. This type of accommodation can vary from 5-star lodging to economical accommodation, so regardless of your budget, you will get something to meet your vacation needs. The majority of the vacation rentals in Costa Rica are ideal for large groups or families, as they offer adequate space for everybody who is a part of your vacation.


Being the most eco-conscious nation in the world, Costa Rica got you plenty of eco-hotels. Generally placed in smaller metropolises, these type of hotels are quite welcoming & let you live with nature. Whether you are looking for a beachside accommodation or a hotel along the border of a rainforest, possibilities are you will get a wonderful place to stay. Some eco hotels in Costa Rica even run on solar energy, and these accommodations often serve to tourists who wish to enjoy a beach yoga session, go trekking in the beautiful cloud forest or just surfing along the shore.


Still looking for best places to stay in Costa Rica? Let Tour Operators CR arrange the best accommodation available here. For any help, you can reach us on +1-408-212-0995.